Friday, August 05, 2011

Maniacal Markets...and a Possible Debt Rating Downgrade?

With the Dow down 12% from this year's high and the "true" level of unemployment in the area of 16-17%- there is some positive news. Overpriced gasoline is finally declining by maybe 40% in cost and corporate earnings, (due to the total confusion of CEO's and board members re DC's proposed entitlement plan revisions), are up! This, of course, at the expense of  additional hiring! A mixed economic bag? you bet!

The core cause might just be apathetic voters-(only 40% of registered voters cast their ballot in our last  Presidential election after 18 months of costly network prelude!) One must suppose that we are experiencing our just desserts) Can change that over time?

Perhaps with your help.

For the above fundemental reasons, a deeper recession now seems likely... unless DC finally isolates and destroys the many inefficient and duplicative programs Congress fosters for their members' constituents and minimizes foreign aid.  

I have long felt that whaterver Congress legislates into law should apply EQUALLY to THEM as well. Possible ya' think? Stay tuned,- but battan down the hatches for a rough sea.

I wish you the best!

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