Thursday, September 15, 2011



A September 14th. article in Investors Business Daily illuminated the fact that poverty in America is at a 17 year high with 46.2 Americans  ranked as "poor" last year...the most ever in 52 years.

One in five, (22%), of children lived in poverty last year and real median income per household dropped to $49,445 from $50,599.

Employer health care shriveled by 1.5 million participants as 1.8 million were ADDED to the government insurance roles while the number of uninsured swelled to 49.9 million; up from 49 million.

Since 2007 America has lost 8.8 million jobs.The Congressional Budget Office has declared that the latest legislative request for $457 billion more for "jobs stimulus" will result in unemployment stagnating at "close to 9%", rather than the present 9.1%,  through 2012.

Ultimately, we voters are to blame.

Who do you know that can help us re-launch with the grass roots educationl program supporting improved government? While this bipartisan program can help, we have a long way to go. Please take a look at the site and let me know if you wish to help straighten out our mess from the ground up. Thanks for your consideration.


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