Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Toledo Losing Postal Service...ho-hum!

Last week was the first major opportunity for the Toledo population to comment of the recent Postal Service demand to reduce facilities nationwide.The USPS plans to close Toledo's Distribution Center along with the Point Place, Manhattan and other post offices. That means that the nearest post office for north Toledo residents will be Erie, Michigan!

The Blade estimated that out of a population of 300,000...only 500 showed up for the 7:00 p.m meetin and many of those were postal union employees! There was but a single speaker that represented all ordinary citizens. This is a very sad testimment to the strident apathy that has envaded our American culture.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptor spoke eloquently at the meeting and suggested that we are losing our liberty as a country. She begged those in attendance to run for political office. She is spot-on in her tlhinking and her comments. 

It is time for all Americans to take note of the freedoms we have already lost and to work to protect those that we still cherish. Please contact me if you wish a free copy of our "Talking Points" that list many critical issues that need to be corrected to improve our living standards and promote progress in America.

I have been invited to interview on these, and other topics, this Sunday, January 8, 2012 on WTOL Channel 11 with Jerry Anderson. Please join us if you can.

We wish you all the best in the New Year! 



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