Friday, January 06, 2012

The "ho-hum" clarification

Good day everyone! My last post title included the phrase; "ho-hum"...intended to be very deliberate sarcasm. This, because I felt that more than two "citizens", (as opposed to the many elected officials of the city and many union elected officials who spoke), should have exhibited enough concern to speak out against the present, flawed government proposal. Not so. Two "citizen" people of the (500) in attendance spoke. If such apathy persists we will certainly lose the post offices and downtown distribution center.

Do you feel that moving the distribution center to Detroit is wise? Should north Toledoens have to travel to the "part-time" Erie, Michigan post office to post mail? If not, please speak up. We only have until January 13 to post a letter to the following address with your valued thoughts on this important issue. Please write to:

Consumer and Industry Contact Manager

US Postal Service Norther Ohio District

2400 Orange Avenue,-Room 25

Cleveland, Ohio 44101-9631

Please give me a call if you desire a copy of my letter sent on the 5th. 



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